3 Regions In The World Where Gambling Is Illegal

Though gambling is fun and entertaining, there are many countries where gambling is not legal. Going to a casino is something many people do when they are on vacation. But before you enter a casino of a foreign country, you should know the local laws. Here are five countries where gambling is illegal.

Middle East

In Saudi Arabia is not allowed. The countries operate under Islamic laws and gambling is forbidden in Islam. In UAE, you can bet on horse and camel races; but other forms of gambling are illegal. In other countries like Kuwait and Qatar, there are a few places where casinos are run under strict laws. If you gamble at a place where you are not supposed to then penalty can be beheading.


In Bangladesh and Pakistan horseracing and contests that involve prizes are allowed. Other forms of gambling are not allowed and will result in imprisonment. In China, various forms of gambling are allowed under heavy restriction. In Malaysia, there is only one casino where you can bet.

Canada and USA

Gambling is legal in these regions. However, there are strict laws and regulations that govern the casinos. If you do illegal gambling then you will have to face serious penalties.

In countries like Australia, the law is not very strict regarding casinos. So, if you visit Australia or New Zealand then you can have unlimited fun at the casinos there. Always know the laws of the countries you visit in order avoid penalties.

Top 4 Motorsports Events In The World

Motorsports is exciting and super popular around the world. People of all ages enjoy motorsports. Those who love cars go crazy about it. Every year big motorsports events are held around the world. Here are the top events that you must see.

The Indy 500

About 400,000 people gather to watch this event from around the world every year. There are 33 cars that lap around famous tracks at more than 200 mph. The races are breathtaking.  Participants come from all around the world and try their luck in winning the trophy.

The Monaco Grand Prix

It is one of the best Formula 1 races. Cars with more than 700 horsepower participate in this race. Racing takes place in a narrow circuit. There are twists and elevation changes in the track. At a point, the drivers must race through a channel as well.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans

It is one of the most prestigious races in the world. The race takes place in a circuit of 8.5 miles in length. Car manufacturers wait for this race to display their most advanced racing technology.

The Daytona 500

It is a very popular race. Cars with V8 engine race at a speed of more than 150 mph. It is one of the most anticipated sports of the year. Thousands of spectators gather to watch the race.

All these motor races attract spectators from around the world every year. The professional racers wait for their chance to get their hand on the championship trophy. If you are a motorsports fan, don’t miss these events.…

3 Things You Need To Know About Auto Racing Betting

After cars were invented people wanted to watch races.  Now people like to bet on these races. It is extremely exciting to bet on racing events. Motorsports involve some of the attractive elements of horse racing, along with speed and technology. In many countries, motor racing is a big part of the local sports. Here are some of the things you should know about motorsports racing.

  1. You can bet on Formula 1, NASCAR, bikes, etc. in sportsbooks and online. However, your options vary depending on where you live. In the US only Formula, 1 is allowed for betting. Outside the US you will have more betting options.
  2. Racing is an individual sport, so the bookmakers need to be creative in their wagering options. There are many types of racing bets; match race betting is the most popular one. Here you bet which driver will finish in a better position. You can also bet on the actual winner. This type of betting is difficult as you will have to choose the winner from 40 to 50 drivers taking part in the race. The reward, though, will be higher in this case.
  3. Motorsports betting is not legal in many countries. Even if you are betting online you should first check the laws to avoid penalties.

Motorsports betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting. When you bet on a race, you will feel most excitement watching the race. But make sure you place your bet carefully so that you don’t lose a big amount of money.…